Louise Armitage Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is an Australian developed remedial muscle therapy developed by Victorian Tom Bowen and now taught and practised worldwide. It involves doing gentle muscle ‘moves’ across strategic points on the muscle in a sequence based upon the person’s presenting needs.

These ‘moves’ are not manipulative as in massage, but stimulate muscle communication systems that in turn may stimulate the body’s own healing and rebalancing processes-such as releasing the painful muscle.

Benefits and uses:

  • May be useful for any muscular condition including those treated routinely be other remedial therapies such as massage.
  • Bowen Technique may benefit back pain, sciatic pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain, injuries etc.
  • Specific Bowen procedures may assist directly or indirectly other conditions such as jaw (TMJ) pain, eye problems, sinus discomfort, headaches, bladder control, fatigue and general well being.
  • Suitable for any ages (including babies) and condition (e.g. pregnancy).
  • Gentle and generally well received by those who cannot tolerate manipulation.
  • Treatment sessions often induce deep relaxation.
  • Can be done through light, comfortable clothing.

Mind, Body & Bowen

Developed by senior Bowtech instructors Anne Schubert and Margaret Spicer “Mind Body & Bowen” is based on the idea that our body and mind work as an integrated whole and therefore many body pains that appear to have no defined or medically diagnosable basis may possibly be a product of unresolved behavioural issues or trauma.

By using Bowen moves in a strategic way, and looking at the associated Chinese meridian system, ‘Mind Body & Bowen ‘ may assist the release of these ‘unresolved’ mind/body patterns leading to physical aches and pains.

In ‘Mind Body & Bowen’, neither the practitioner nor the client sets the ‘agenda’ for the healing process nor ‘forces’ the release of any predetermined issue. The intelligent body/mind system initiates the healing response it deems appropriate….when and if it’s ready.

‘Mind Body & Bowen’ is not intended as a specific ‘treatment’ for a diagnosed emotional or mental health condition, nor is it a substitute for professional mental health care. Please consult your health-care professional for further advice.


There are several versions of Bowen Technique being practiced today. My training was under the ‘Bowtech’ interpretation by Oswald Rentsch. For more information about this see: www.bowtech.com and www.bowen.org.au